All aspects of Lucy Khan’s background have converged so today she has the capabilities and resources to act as your kink consultant; to lecture on sex work, performance art, and BDSM theory; to perform at your next event; and to lead BDSM skills workshops. Click on each section below to learn more about her areas of expertise and understand how she can contribute to your project, programming, and personal development.


For those doing research for their creative project or media production, Ms. Khan is an ideal resource for infusing your kink scene with authenticity. With a decade of experience as a professional dominatrix, she has seen first hand the ways that truth is stranger than fiction. With experience both in front of the camera as a performer and behind the scenes as a writer, set designer, and editor, she is an invaluable asset on any set and is available in the following capacities

  • Consulting on film sets, scripts, and scenes
  • Ghostwriting
  • Designing dungeon and BDSM play spaces
  • Advising on BDSM event and play party planning

For individuals and couples, Ms. Khan offers private alternative lifestyle coaching. Private consultations are fully 100% confidential and tailored to your specific needs and interests. They can occur via Skype, or in-person at her private fully-equipped Los Angeles BDSM studio. Some topics she advises on include:

  • Harnessing the power of Female Dominance
  • Navigating an FLR (Female-led relationship)
  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Introducing a romantic partner to one’s kinks


As an expert on sex work, performance, and BDSM, Ms. Khan has lectured at various educational institutes throughout southern California such as Loyola Marymount, CalArts, UCLA, Chapman University, and Pomona College among others. As an alumnus of a liberal arts college herself, she naturally makes connections across disciplines and has visited classes ranging from Advanced Sculpture to Human Sexuality. She is available for:

  • Media appearances
  • Public readings of her written work
  • Educational talks on
    • Intro to BDSM theory
    • Performance Art and BDSM
    • Sex Work and FOSTA/SESTA
  • Featured interviews
  • Keynote speeches
  • Guest appearances on panels, podcasts, and radio shows.


In addition to her public performances and lectures, Lucy Khan hosts participatory performances exclusively for small groups and intimate gatherings. These private performances function as trust and team building exercises in which the goal is to experience shared vulnerability. If you would like to invite Ms. Khan to perform at your event or venue, each performance can be tailored to meet the specifications of the space. Her current menu of performance offerings are described below.


Focusing on teaching hands-on skills in an intimate setting, Lucy Khan offers bespoke BDSM workshops to groups, clubs, and organizations. With a maximum of 8 participants per workshop, she will share with you the tools and skills she has acquired over the past 10 years working professionally as a dominatrix. She can host small groups of up to 6 participants in her private Los Angeles BDSM studio. A small sampling of possible workshop topics include:

  • Bondage techniques
  • Everyday materials for BDSM
  • Introduction to FemDom
  • Keyholding and chastity